'nikcuS Productions Complete Discography

LPs and EPs


('nSProd-1 'nS-1) 'nikcuS: 'nikcuS (1990)
('nSProd-2 KMC-1)
Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer: Mr. Dude EP (1991)
('nSProd-3 'nS-L1)
'nikcuS: Leftovers I (1991)
('nSProd-4 'nS-2)
'nikcuS: Adlibbing (Jul 1992)
('nSProd-5 'nS-3)
'nikcuS: Graduates (Aug 1993)
('nSProd-6 'nS-L2)
'nikcuS: Leftovers II (1992-1993)
('nSProd-7 'nS-4)
'nikcuS: Rockin' (Mar 1994)
('nSProd-8 SF-1)
Synthetic Fibers: The Album (Jul 1994)
('nSProd-9 'nS-5)
'nikcuS: Plugged (Jun 1995)
('nSProd-10 'nS-L3)
'nikcuS: Leftovers III (1994-1995)
('nSProd-11 LLM-1 RS-1)
Rusty Spell: Mailbox (Dec 1995)
('nSProd-12 'nS-6)
'nikcuS: Surprise (Jan 1996)
('nSProd-13 'nS-L4)
'nikcuS: Leftovers IV (1996)
('nSProd-14 YM-1)
Yo! MahMA: [We sux) (Aug 1996)
('nSProd-15 LLM-2 TMD-1)
The Mnemonic Devices: 20th Century Literary Problem (Oct 1996)
('nSProd-16 LLM-3 RS-2)
Rusty Spell: Covers by Casio (Nov 1996)
('nSProd-17 SF-2)
Synthetic Fibers: Not The Album (1991-1993, 1997)
('nSProd-18 LLM-4 TMD-2)
The Mnemonic Devices: I Don't Remember (May 1997)
('nSProd-19 DNS-1)
DNS: We Did It Anyway (1995, 1997)
('nSProd-20 LLM-5 RS-3)
Rusty Spell: Experiments and Outtakes (Apr 1998)
('nSProd-21 LLM-6 TMD-3)
The Mnemonic Devices: Midi Skirt (Oct 1998)
('nSProd-22 LLM-7 RS-4)
Rusty Spell: Christmas Again (Nov 1998)
('nSProd-23 LLM-8 RS-5)
Rusty Spell: indie rock credibility (Feb 1999)
('nSProd-24 LLM-9 TMD-4)
The Mnemonic Devices: The 5 Remaining Love Songs EP (Apr 1999)
('nSProd-25 LLM-10 TMD-5)
The Mnemonic Devices: All This Wasted Beauty (Sep 1999)
('nSProd-26 LLM-11 RS-6)
Rusty Spell: Alterna-Chick (Jan 2000)
('nSProd-27 LLM-12 RS-7)
Rusty Spell: Rusty Spell Strums The Mnemonic Devices (May 2000)
('nSProd-28 LLM-13 RS-8)
Rusty Spell: This Album Belongs To... (Aug 2000)
('nSProd-29 SF-3)
Synthetic Fibers: The New Album (2000)
('nSProd-30 LLM-14 TMD-6)
The Mnemonic Devices: Zooming In On Fractals (Feb 2001)
('nSProd-31 LLM-15 RS-9)
Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 1 (Apr 2001)
('nSProd-32 'nS-7)
'nikcuS: Produced (24 May 2001)
('nSProd-33 LLM-16 TB-1)
Tommy Burton: t*mmy burt*n (Dec 2001)
('nSProd-34 LLM-17 TMD-7)
The Mnemonic Devices: Sparkling Objective Correlatives (4 Apr 2002)
('nSProd-35 LLM-18 TIC-1)
The Immaculate Conceptions: The Immaculate Conceptions (31 May 2002)
('nSProd-36 LLM-19 RS-10)
Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 (28 Jun 2002)
('nSProd-37 LLM-20 RS-11)
Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 3 (2 Aug 2002)
('nSProd-38 LLM-21)
Love and Letters Music: Stick It Somewhere (18 Sep 2002)
('nSProd-39 LLM-22 RS-12)
Rusty Spell: Plagiarism (12 Oct 2002)
('nSProd-40 LLM-23 RS-13)
Rusty Spell: Loud Cymbals--18 Gospel Songs (13 Dec 2002)
('nSProd-41 LLM-24 RS-14)
Rusty Spell: I Can Write These Songs, Now My Folks Are Dead (6 Mar 2003)
('nSProd-42 WTB-1)
Wite Trazsh Bratts: Lost Innocence EP (28 May 2003)
('nSProd-43 LLM-25 TB-2)
Tommy Burton: Viable College Market (8 Jun 2003)
('nSProd-44 FSP-1 K9-1)
The Ka-9's: We Make Potions EP (21 Jun 2003)
('nSProd-45 LLM-26 RS-15)
Rusty Spell: Live Shows Vol. 1 (Dec 2000-Nov 2001): He Said It Would Never Happen (26 Jul 2003)
('nSProd-46 LLM-27 RS-16)
Rusty Spell: Charles Grodin (17 Sep 2003)
('nSProd-47 LLM-28 TB-3)
Tommy Burton: So Much for Me (14 Oct 2003)
('nSProd-48 LLM-29 RB-1)
Robert Brenton: The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger" (15 Oct 2003)
('nSProd-49 LLM-30 DJR-1)
DJ Rus: DJ Rus (8 Nov 2003)
('nSProd-50 LLM-31 TMD-8)
The Mnemonic Devices: Love Chewed Off Its Leg EP (25 Mar 2004)
('nSProd-51 'nS-L5)
'nikcuS: Leftovers V (23 May 2001)
('nsProd-52 LLM-32 RS-17) Rusty Spell: Plagiarism 2 (29 Jun 2005)
('nSProd-53 LLM-33 TMD-9) The Mnemonic Devices: Boys Can Be Pretty Too EP (7 Sep 2005)
('nSProd-54 LLM-34 RS-18) Rusty Spell: Live Shows Vol. 2 (Mar 2002-Apr 2004): Why I Never Do This, Why I Sometimes Do (13 Sep 2005)
('nSProd-55 LLM-35 RS-19) Rusty Spell: Part of This Was Always Here (or: Remove That Hero's Jawbone) (13 Sep 2007)
('nSProd-56 LLM-36 RS-20) Rusty Spell: The Golem (24 Oct 2007)


('nSProd-s1 TND-s1) The Naked Donnas: "Tribal Medicine Man" (1995)
('nSProd-s2 LLM-s1 TSE-s1)
The Strawberry Explosion: "Then He Kissed Me" (22 Mar 2004)
('nSProd-s3 LLM-s2 TSE-s2)
The Strawberry Explosion: "Kissy, Kissy" (28 Aug 2004)
('nSProd-s4 LLM-s3 TSE-s3)
The Strawberry Explosion: "Baby, Baby, Boo!" (19 Oct 2004)
('nSProd-s5 LLM-s4 TSE-s4)
The Strawberry Explosion: "Christmas at Wartime" (14 Jan 2005)
('nSProd-s6 LLM-s5 TSE-s5) The Strawberry Explosion: "Boobalean" (11 Jun 2005)
('nSProd-s7 LLM-s6 TSE-s6) The Strawberry Explosion: "My Humps" (14 Mar 2006)
('nSProd-s8 LLM-s7 TSE-s7) The Strawberry Explosion: "That Boy" (22 Apr 2006)

Compilations of Previously-Available Material

('nSProd-C1 'nS-F1) 'nikcuS: Favorites (1990-1996, Jul 2000)
('nSProd-C2 LLM-C1 TMD-C1)
The Mnemonic Devices: The Singles Collection (1996-2001) (1996-2001, Oct 2001)
('nSProd-C3 LLM-C2 RB-C1)
Robert Brenton: Highlights from The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger" (15 Oct 2003)
('nSProd-C4 LLM-C3 RS-C1) Age 20 to 30 (1995-2005, 1 Dec 2005)
('nSProd-C5 LLM-C4 LLM-C1) Love and Letters 10 (1995-2005, 10 Dec 2005)
('nSProd-C6 LLM-C5 TMD-C2) The Mnemonic Devices: 100,000 Lightning Bugs (1998-2005, Apr 2011)

Unofficial Albums, Bootlegs, Etc.

The Mnemonic Devices MIDI Collection Vols. 1-4 (Oct 1996-Apr 2002)
Rusty Spell: Neutral Milk Hotel Lobby (1999)
Rusty Spell: The WUSM Interview (Jul 2000)
Rusty Spell: Live at The Map Room (Dec 2000)
Rusty Spell: Live at The Thirsty Hippo (Oct 2001)
Rusty Spell: Live at The Minimalist Conference (Nov 2001)
Rusty Spell: Live at Tal's (Nov 2001)
Rusty Spell: Espresso Yourself, Don't Represso Yourself (28 Mar 2002)
Rusty Spell: Live at Reedmeister's (24 May 2002)
Rusty Spell: Parting Thoughts (31 Jul 2002, 1 Aug 2002)
Rusty Spell: Live at STUMF (23 Aug 2003, 3 Apr 2004)
Rusty Spell: Live at WC Don's (23 Dec 2004)
Rusty Spell: The Tom Shows (30 Mar 2006 - 8 Jun 2007)

Non-'nSProd Albums On Which Our Artists Appear

Gospel Assembly: Demos 97 -- Rusty Spell
Lately David: The Yom Kippur EP -- Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell
Verfrumdungseffekt: The Songs of Stephin Merritt -- Rusty Spell and The Mnemonic Devices
Lately David: The Summer Sessions EP -- Tommy Burton
Lately David: American Music Revival -- Tommy Burton
Radiant Radish: Somebody Spiked the Egg Nog -- 'nikcuS, Synthetic Fibers, Rusty Spell, The Mnemonic Devices, Tommy Burton (Lately David), DJ Rus
Radiant Radish: Here's the Rock and Roll -- The Mnemonic Devices
Radiant Radish: I Heard It Was Good! -- Rusty Spell
Lately David: All the New Information -- Tommy Burton
It Takes a Village To Make Records: First-Hand Accounts, Theories, and Their Repercussions -- The Mnemonic Devices, The Strawberry Explosion
Radiant Radish: Dinosaurs for Christmas -- Rusty Spell, The Strawberry Explosion

'nSProd = 'nikcuS Productions
LLM = Love and Letters Music
FSP = Fair Shadow Productions

'nS = 'nikcuS
KMC = Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer
SF = Synthetic Fibers
RS = Rusty Spell
YM = YO! MAhmA
TMD = The Mnemonic Devices
K9 = The Ka-9's
TB = Tommy Burton
TIC = The Immaculate Conceptions
RB = Robert Brenton
WTB = Wite Trazsh Bratts
DJR = DJ Rus
TSE = The Strawberry Explosion

L = Leftovers
F = Favorites
s = Singles
C = Compilations

Copyright (c) May 1999 - Apr 2011 'nikcuS Productions