'nikcuS: Leftovers Volume V

Leftovers Volume V features outtakes from Produced, each of them as equally-produced as the album itself. The shortest of the Leftovers series, but good stuff.

Recording: 6 Aug 2000-23 May 2001 by Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young at Noby's House Studios in Pearl MS and Rusty's House in Hattiesburg MS. Cover Design and Photography: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 42.24.

'nikcuS is Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young. Songs adlibbed by the performer except: 9. written by Noby Nobriga.



1. Susie from Louisiana - Noby: vocals, kazoo. Rusty: ukulele. Kevin: keyboard.
2. Don't Cry, Poor Alice - Noby: vocals. Rusty: electric guitar.
3. The Dandy and the Darling - Noby: vocals. Rusty: vocals, kazoo. Kevin: keyboard.
4. She's My Old Lady - Noby: vocals. Rusty: backing vocals, electric guitar. Kevin: keyboard.
5. Church Annoucements - Noby: vocals. Rusty: electric guitar. Kevin: keyboard.
6. I Got a Girl - Noby: bass. Rusty: vocals, electric guitar. Kevin: drums.
7. I'm Funky (Funkin' Around) Bloopers - Noby: vocals. Rusty: vocals. Kevin: keyboard.
8. The Dirty Boogy Woogy - Rusty: vocals. Kevin: keyboard.
9. I'll Always Love You - Noby: vocals. Rusty: ukulele. Kevin: keyboard.
10. Lonesome Man Bloopers - Noby: vocals. Rusty: backing vocals. Kevin: keyboard.
11. My Guitar String Broke (Parental Advisory) - Noby: vocals. Rusty: electric guitar, drums.

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