Mr. Dude EP


Six songs about the streets, hangin', datin', drivin', and gettin' along... among other subject matterings. Hard-core freestylin' rap.

Recorded: 1991 by DJ Rhythm at Noby's House in Pearl, MS. Cover art, design, and photography: Rusty Spell. Total running time: 23.23. All songs by Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer, lyrics and music adlibbed by the performer.

1. On the Streets [4:42]
2. Hangin' with the Homeboys [3:11]
3. Sittin' Alone [4:57]
4. Say Ho! [3:58]
5. White Man [3:08]
6. Cosmic Rap [3:13]

Mr. Dude was the production company before 'nikcuS Productions came to be alive. Most folks forget this, but we ain't. We play homage to the gurus. This be it.


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