We Make Potions EP

Teynaum Bowen (the famous Noby Nobriga's niece) and Nick Puckett (the famous Teynaum Bowen's friend) recorded five songs one day in 2000. In 2003, Rusty Spell (the famous friend of Noby Nobriga) put some additional touches on these five songs and released the collection as their first EP.

Recording: 2000 and 21 Jun 2003 by Teynaum Bowen and Rusty Spell at Teynaum's Room in Pearl, MS and Love and Letters Studios in Edinburg, TX. Cover design: Rusty Spell. Total running time: 10:48.

Teynaum Bowen: vocals, acoustic guitar. Nick Puckett: vocals. Featuring Noby Nobriga: acoustic guitar, keyboard; and Rusty Spell: backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard drums.

Liner notes



1. Pop Boy and Girl Bands Suck [1:27]
2. I'm Tired [1:38]
3. What the Crap? [:58]
4. The Light [2:44]
5. Get Out of the Room [3:50]

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