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To help celebrate the ten year anniversary of 'nikcuS and 'nikcuS Productions, the band released this "greatest hits, ten year anniversary" collection of songs from their first six albums. This is the "classic period" of 'nikcuS, a jumping off point for things to come. Released Jul 2000.

Recorded: 1990-1996 by Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young at Noby's House Studios and Kevin's House in Pearl, MS. Cover art and design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Teynaum Bowen and Ava Spell. Total running time: 63:24.

All songs by 'nikcuS, lyrics and music adlibbed by the performer except: 1. Music by Strauss; 5. Lyrics and music by Bon Jovi; 12. Lyrics written by Rusty Spell; 13,16. Lyrics written by Noby Nobriga and adlibbed by Rusty Spell.


  1. Rover [1:15]
  2. We're the Ones ('nikcuS) [4:23]
  3. Pig Milkin' Contest [4:52]
  4. I Like To Eat Food [4:24]
  5. (We're) Livin' On a Prayer [2:29]
  6. The Blues Man [2:59]
  7. Head of Lettuce [1:34]
  8. Harmonica Jam [1:56]
  9. Leah (The Parody) [2:23]
  10. Shotgun! [2:38]
  11. A Night on the Town [1:56]
  12. Trance Groove '95 [4:20]
  13. She Was Seventeen (She Was Older Than Me) [5:37]
  14. How Now Brown Cow [1:28]
  15. Beastiality [7:20]
  16. The Ballad of Swinigin [3:29]
  17. The Harmonica Song [6:09]
  18. Five Hours Ahead [4:05]

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Copyright (c) Jul 2000 'nikcuS and 'nikcuS Productions