'nikcuS: Rockin'

Stripping back to vocals, keyboard, and drums, 'nikcuS produced a great album full of solid rock tunes. Still funny, though. Cover of album is best picture of the three boys together ever taken.

Recorded: Mar 1994 and 1991 by Noby Nobriga at Noby's House in Pearl, MS. Cover design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Teynaum Bowen. Total running time: 48.11.

All songs by 'nikcuS, lyrics and music adlibbed by the performer.





  1. We Are 'nikcuS [3:04]
  2. Rockin' Satan [2:32]
  3. Snail's Point of View [4:23]
  4. I Like To Eat Food [5:17]
  5. Interludes--Out There [6:07]
  6. Rockin' All the Time [4:10]


  1. Wish That You Were Me [6:16]
  2. Yelp! [1:25]
  3. Baby [6:28]
  4. The Blues Man [4:23]
  5. Motorcycle Rider (1991 Bonus Track) [4:00]

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Copyright (c) Apr 1998 'nikcuS and 'nikcuS Productions