"Tribal Medicine Man"

The first single from 'nikcuS Productions... mostly because who knew when The Naked Donnas would record anything else.

Recording: 1995 by Noby Nobriga at Noby's House Studios in Pearl MS. Cover design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Danny McGreger, Noby Nobriga, Debi Spell. Total running time: 4.18.


The Naked Donnas are Tommy Burton, Noby Nobriga, and Rusty Spell. Songs adlibbed by the performer.


1. Tribal Medicine Man -- Tommy: bass. Noby: keyboard. Rusty: vocals, drum loop.
2. Roaches -- Tommy: vocals, bass. Noby: vocals. Rusty: keyboard, drum loops.
3. Outtakes -- Tommy: bass. Noby: keyboard.

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