The Naked Donnas

We came together in 1995. Tommy Burton played the bass and sang. Noby Nobriga played the keyboard and sang. Rusty Spell played the keyboard, made the drum loops, and sang. We didn't sound like anything, though a recent review said we sound like "a Wire album played at the same time as Michael Jackson's Thriller." It sounded cool anyway, probably because we'd never played together and managed to invent this new kind of music.

We only recorded a few songs, but only one full song still exists, "Tribal Medicine Man." We sell this as a single, along with a few seconds of existing material from the song "Roaches" as a B-side.

We plan on getting together one day and making a record, since we know we're cool and kick it pretty funky.

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The Naked Donnas

Tommy Burton
Noby Nobriga
Rusty Spell

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