Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer

Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer and MC Rhythm brought rap music to 'nikcuS Productions way back in 1991 by taking over Noby's House Studios with a Tech-9 during a Synthetic Fibers recording session. They recorded the six song EP known as The Mr. Dude EP which wasn't released until the success of DNS in 1997.


The two rappers remained in the background even during the height of their new popularity and chose to provide inspiration only for DNS. They never recorded again. And, sadly, they never will. In 2003, both members were shot and killed in gang-related incident, though friends (including DNS) claim that they themselves did not belong in a gang.

Their musical style lives on through DNS and its members MC Noby Dick and DJ Rus.

The Mr. Dude EP * Merchandise * Hangin' with the Homeboys

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