DNS formed in 1995, bringin' back the old school flava to the 'nikcuS Studios. But The Man didn't like that, and kept us down until we put up the Benjamins in 1997 and released the album, We Did It Anyway, ourselves. In the process, by putting Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer on our record, we forced The Man to recognize, and they put out the dough for their EP soon thereafter. Right now, we keepin' it real, and this web site goes out to all you home boys that know what's what and who's who and how to too-too and do do it.

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DNS -- This is the legend..

We Did It Anyway -- This is the album.

Kick It Up, Kick It Down -- This is the latest single.

It's All About the Benjamins -- This is the stuff.

Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer -- These are the heroes.


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