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'nikcuS (Noby, Rusty, Kevin) -- Pearl Mississippi joke rockers 'nikcuS play unclassifiable novelty songs. Obviously enamored with certain aspects of indie and lo-fi rock, they create homemade novelty songs that meander along in a variety of styles from acoustic folk to Casio driven new wave. See more reviews.

Synthetic Fibers (Nobriga, Spell) -- Synthetic Fibers opt for a mellow, folksy mood, sometimes incorporating a Celtic feel into their electronic music. Other moments find them exploring pure dance pop, a la early 80s new wave.

Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer (KMC, DJ Rhythm) -- Drum machine beats played by the rhythmically challenged. Two knucklehead rappers-- one with a clothespin on his nose (recalling Damon Wayans' Anton character on In Living Color), the other a caricature of Kool Moe Dee's growl-- throw clichés like sucka' MCs. Strictly for fans of novelty hip-hop.

Rusty Spell (Rusty) -- Four-track enthusiast employs clean guitar, lo-fi keyboards, and a bit of harmonica to build jangle-friendly pop songs. See more reviews.

The Naked Donnas (Tommy, Noby, Rusty) -- Bewildering concoction of sound involves tin can vocals and more lo-fi than a Radio Shack walkie-talkie. The music sounds like someone took a Wire album and played it at the same time as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Yo! Mahma (Nobyie, RusLe) -- Witness the creative process first hand as this Mississippi duo makes improv lo-fi joke-rock. Instrumentation? Think Casio and whatever. Song topics include bologna and your mom.

The Mnemonic Devices (Rusty, Devicettes) -- Rusty Spell and his keyboards wax sensitive for these melodic introspectives dedicated to the work of Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt. Little musical hugs in a cold, cruel world. See more reviews.

DNS (MC Noby Dick, DJ Rus) -- (1) Short, mumbling raps interrupt an otherwise pure episode of yelling and hollering over old-school drums. A confusing, reverberating foray into the realm of pump-it-up jams. (2) These amped-up MCs shout old-school freestyles over a handclap-laden beat. The track echoes like the Grand Canyon, which enhances the feeling of nostalgia.

The Noby Nobriga Project (Nobriga) -- Droning synth chords create a placid background for delicate electronic orchestrations where every sound is as soft as goose down except for hushed, prickly rhythms.

Ka-9's (Teynaum Bowen, Nick Puckett) -- Bands like Ka-9's are where the true magic of lies. These are recordings of two kids singing (sans instruments) songs inspired by artists such as Eminem and Limp Bizkit. They'll be totally embarrassed by this in 5-10 years.

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