Other Bands and Rumors of Bands

This is a list of other bands that members of 'nikcuS Productions have been involved in, whether they've actually existed or not.

  1. The Pearl "Pirate" Band -- Tommy Burton, Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young were in this band from 1986-1993, their junior high and high school band. Tommy played trombone and the others played drums.
  2. Gospel Assembly -- Rusty began playing drums for Gospel Assembly, his church, in 1986. He still plays there from time to time.
  3. Norris, Roos, Spell, and Young -- A one-time group put together for a junior high (1986) talent show, consisting of April Norris (flute), Stephanie Roos (clarinet), Rusty Spell (percussion), and Kevin Young (percussion).
  4. Squish Puppy -- This may have been the original name of 'nikcuS or it may have been something the DUSKBUSTERS! introduced on a lost 1989 tape--at any rate, it's something, we're not sure what.
  5. The Disco Mofos -- A grunge band Rusty Spell played drums for, as a favor, in 1992 and 1993.
  6. The Cherry Cordials -- A band Lori Burton and Tommy Burton were going to be involved in but never were.
  7. The Kool-Aid Kids -- Noby's niece, Teynaum Bowen, and her friend, Nick Puckett, were going to start their own band and have Rusty Spell produce. This turned into The Ka-9's, which Noby and Rusty softly guide. They're threatening to rename the band Government Cheese.
  8. 100,000 Fireflies -- The original incarnation of The Mnemonic Devices, consisting of Lori Berkemeyer on vocals and Rusty Spell on vocals and keyboard. The album they created was re-recorded by TMD.
  9. Eos -- Noby Nobriga recorded some things for this solo band which eventually turned into songs by The Noby Nobriga Project.
  10. Lately David -- Tommy Burton is in this rock band with Danny McGreger and a rotating cast of drummers. Rusty Spell helped them during shows on drums (and on the first EP) in the early days.
  11. Binary Bongo -- An idea Noby Nobriga has in mind for a computerfied sort of band.
  12. Paint My Scum -- Rusty Spell's drum loop band which he thought was a good idea for a short time.
  13. Kevin Young -- Kevin had planned to do some keyboard solo recordings.
  14. Fat Fred Jefferson's Happy Good Time Band and Company -- Noby's idea (with Rusty's help for the name) of having a live band that plays funky 70s TV show themes, which probably won't exist since we're not talented enough to play them like they originally sounded.
  15. The Han Solos -- The name that Rusty and Tommy will take if they ever perform live together. The name comes from the fact that they'd be doing their solo show, only with each other.  Their theme song is "Two of Us" by the Beatles.
  16. The Marshall Perkins Band -- Liza Marshall and Amanda Perkins. It was Rusty and Tommy's idea for a band and name, but it will never happen.
  17. Liza Marshall -- Liza will definitely have a record of solo work in the future.
  18. Me, You, and Noby -- If Rusty (me), Liza (you), and Noby (Noby) ever do music, just the three of them, this is what they will call the group.
  19. Tony Spell -- Rusty's brother might do some recordings in the future.
  20. Doped-Up Daughter Dope -- Liza Marshall's non-solo band.
  21. Special K with a C -- DJ Rus's rap gal.

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